I believe that there is no better topic than marriage & relationship to get to know each other.


Before I get straight to the subject, let me tell you that I will not share a recipe for a perfect marriage here.

Unfortunately, I do not know it myself. Nevertheless, I think that there are general ingredients and

individual spices that everyone should recognize for themselves in order to have a happy relationship.














This summer, Elia and I are celebrating our fifth

anniversary and I really cannot believe it.

But let's go back a few years. I remember it like it

was yesterday; it was a sunny day, I trained on the

sports field for the next competition and then I met

this little 13 year old football player with his team.




If I had known at that time this was my first encounter

with my future husband, I probably would have blushed

or just fallen over. Anyway.




























Our paths crossed over and over again and it was

always this magical feeling that you cannot really

put into words.

Shortly before my final exam Elia put all his courage

together and confessed to me his love.

Oh boy. . . those butterflies in the early days. . .

do you know what I mean? :D





To keep it short, I will skip some chapters and zoom in

again to the present.




So 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 and welcome to

my family life with child, house and dog.



















Forget the butterflies


Well, after three years the beautiful butterflies turned into little cockroaches. This is the best time to remember that love is a decision and not a feeling.





Never give up!


Life can sometimes be really hard, but there is no reason to run away. After I gave birth I was admitted in for the University Hospital’s ICU for two months. During this time my husband single-handedly took care of my new born baby. Probably some other man have gone crazy and abandoned us.

In my opinion, the happiest marriages are those in which the spouses went through hard times and overcame them.

























Love is ...


a synonym for: responsibility, reliability, patience,

perseverance, forgiveness, etc.

Before my wedding, I had a completely wrong idea of ​​love.

I thought that love was just a feeling but now

I know that true love begins when feelings

have stopped.






 Be united


I have found that I often make the mistake of being

pressured by other people.That’s a big mistake!

When it comes to decisions, you should do them

with your spouse and not be influenced

by others people’s opinion.
















Be a supporter


It is important to have my own area away from the

family and other household spaces.

So, I need my husband for supporting me also as

I support him. There are many women who are

completely satisfied as housewives and mothers.

That’s absolutely fine.






Flee to an island


It does not always have to be a vacation.

We love to have a break from home just for a sleepover

in one of the hotels in our city. Try it. The feeling is

like being on vacation but less expensive.


















If you want to make your loved one your best friend,

then you have to put him or her at the top of your list

of priorities. That just means to set aside your phone

when your loved one is talking to you. . . sometimes it’s

easier said than done ;)







Cut off your umbilical cord


Do not talk to your parents about your husband or wife.

Puuuh. . . how many times have I picked up the phone

and moaned about my husband. That was not the right

way to solve problems. You better work this out on your own.


















 When you live with someone 24/7, it's a matter of time before your bad traits or habits come out. But do not let your head hang, that's the way it should be. It is important to work on it now. I have to confess something to you. . . I am a morning muffle. And because of that we had argued many times. Meanwhile, I am always in a good mood in the morning . . .  Sometimes  :D





I love to learn by listening to the stories of other women. What I figured out is that there is no recipe for a great marriage. Sometimes it will be hard but that’s absolutely worth the work.





Now it's your turn.

What are your ingrediences for a happy relationship?


Iam looking forward to receive your comments and emails.















Photographer: www.maks-yasinski.com
Make-up: https://www.instagram.com/beautylive_by_mary/

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Dress: http://www.rara-avis.by

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