10 essential tips from a newbie mom






1. Postpartum depression.


Oh, that’s not some kind of a myth. It’s a total truth.

You just have to give it up to it and cry… a bit.




2.  Surround yourself with people, who won’t give it up on you...


just because you gave birth or just because you have kids now and they don’t.

Which doesn’t make you less funny person, right?

When I gave birth most of my friends didn't have babies by that time.

But they didn't leave me. What’s more - since I gave birth

I went out with them even more than before when I used to work at the office.










3.  Introduce your husband ...


to his new life role - as a father as soon as you can.

(a.k.a introduce him to his new responsibilities :D).


The sooner - the better.

Otherwise you can get into the situation,

where he doesn’t know how to change

a diaper of your 1 year old baby. :)



















And on this note...


4. don't expect someone else

to perfectly take care of your baby and do

things the same way as you would do.


Nor your mom. Nor your husband.

Just appreciate their help and smile. :)


















5.  Sometimes the baby will cry.


Because its hungry.

And sometimes it will cry and you won’t know why.

But that’s totally fine. :)







6. Don’t be ashamed of anything!


Breastfeeding, diaper change, baby’s cry - that’s life.

Whatever happens, don’t be frustrated.

Believe me, I’ve changed diapers at most awkward places on Earth.

A mom gotta do what a mom gotta do.








7. Take time for yourself.


Even if this means staying one more

hour awake after the baby’s asleep.

No matter how tired I was,

I needed this time to cheer myself up

and check,

if I still have a head on my shoulders. :D





8. Don’t take it too seriously.


I know you can spend hours in

choosing a bib for your baby.

But that’s just… too much.














9. Sometimes the biggest success

throughout your day...


will be that you saved the baby

from eating out from the trash

or drinking water from the toilet.

But that’s okay.

















10.  And most important tip


- wherever you go always bring wet wipes! :D







Good luck and bye bye.




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